Rodeo Labs CX-Kit

Der Rodeo Labs Cyclocross-Kit ist fertig und kann schon bald online bestellt werden:

Cyclocross kind of a big deal. We’ve been busy getting ready, and it’s time to make our CX.1 kit available for pre-order so that we can get it in time for the Northern Hemisphere’s cyclocross season kick-off in September.

Rodeo LOVES cyclocross, you may have noticed that from the fact that we ride our cyclocross bikes year around. You may have also noticed the fact that we sometimes pretend our ride bikes are cyclocross bikes as well to sneak in some skinny tired dirt. To us Cyclocross is rowdy, fun, and messy, and we’ve tried to put that sensibility into our CX kit. We literally tried to take everything we love about the sport and are having it sublimated into shiny Lycra.

Not everyone will “get” or like this kit, and that’s ok with us. We don’t want or expect everyone to fly these colors. The 1.X road kit we did was classy and restrained, and that kit still works great even if you want to race it cyclocross. But for those who want to show their wild side and celebrate cycling’s most rowdy sport, this kit may just be for you.

Our visual theme for this kit is “Smash Your Barriers” so we prominently feature a tire literally crashing into and splintering a Rodeo barrier. Who hasn’t accidentally mangled a barrier in their pursuit of speed? If you haven’t, you will.

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