Speedvagen-Raddress von Castelli erhalten

Die amerikanische Firma Speedvagen hat sich von Castelli den neuen Teamkit produzieren lassen. Nur die Mitglieder des Rennteams und eine Handvoll Kunden - ich darf mich zu den Glücklichen zählen - erhalten den Dress.

"Army green has been one of Speedvagen’s core colors for, well, since the very first prototype I made back in 2006. I love the icon of militarism and the toughness that the color represents juxtaposed by the goofiness of racing your brains out and crashing cross bikes in the mud with your friends. I’ve wanted to do an army green kit for a long time but as I started to dig into the design I was conflicted: On the one hand, you have all of this space that you can fill with words and logos; get all bilboarded up, right? But I kept coming back to the idea of a uniform. A uniform is clean, crisp, balanced, minimal. This kit doesn’t need a lot of shit on it to get noticed in the peloton and for that matter, the more I put on it, the less it really says. The strictly business base kit comes in army green with color bands as punctuation on the sleeves, legs, and collar with Speedvagen shields enblazoned on the chest, back, and legs."

Lassen wir die Bilder sprechen:

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