Speedvagen National: Japan - Raddress

The Vanilla Workshop hat wieder einmal einen tollen Raddress designed.

This limited edition Speedvagen National Kit represents a fresh, fun and distinctly Eastern take on the Speedvagen approach to bikes and aesthetics.

Designed for us by SV family member Masashi 'Ichico' Ichifuru, the SV shield gets re-imagined with a bold kanji character taking the place of the numeral 11. According to Ichico, “Unicorn, written in Japanese kanji character, is Ikkakujyu or ‘single horned beast.’” Ichico took the ‘beast’ part of the kanji character for the image, telling us it has the same meaning as the word "animal," but with a wilder nuance. In his words, “In the same way the number "11" in the shield represents taking it further, in order to “take it to 11” the wild in you must come out and take over.” We couldn’t agree more.

We turned to our friends at Castelli for the pieces themselves. Long time supporters of our SV race team—not to mention cross-town neighbors—Castelli is committed to making superior race kit. Their blend of decades-old history and modern material development echoes our own desire to bring craft principles together with the best possible ingredients.

Ich habe mir gleich das komplette Set mit Trikot, Trägerhose, Windjacke und Armlingen gekauft und hoffe, dass alles noch vor Weihnachten in Österreich ankommt.

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